Breaking the Rainbow - Glowing Green

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This dye can be used to color bath products, cold processed soap, MP soaps & cosmetics.  It is approved for cosmetic use. 

Please make sure to always test your product before you sell.

This is a water soluble dye.  Blooming will result in a more intense color in your water.  

This water soluble dye can be added directly into dry ingredients, however, this will result in blotchy results.  It works best when diluted and gives off its most vibrant colors.  Dissolve a microscoop in small amount of hot water, and dilute the rest with witch hazel.  The powdered form color may look different then the final color once diluted and / or bloomed.  This is a highly concentrated dye.  

Usage rate: 0.1 - 3% - most often 1/8 tsp is enough. We use up to 1/4 tsp per 1 kg of baking soda

INCI: CI 59040, CI 61570