Processing Times

Current Process Time:  14 days

This applies to all orders with 3D molds.  If you do not have 3D molds in your order, these terms do not apply. 

ALL MOLDS ARE MADE TO ORDER.  We do not carry any stock.  Molds are put into the printing queue as they are received.  The processing time is the time it takes from when your order is received until your items are finished printing.  This does not include shipping times.  Shipping times are in addition to the processing time.  

Processing times are dependent on the number of orders in the print queue, the amount of time it takes to print molds (can take as little as 6 - 8 hours for a many and up to 48 hours for a 2" quad), and the number of molds in your order. 

If you require your molds faster than this, there is a Rush Option feature available Rush order applies to 1 - 3 molds, so please apply rush order for each set of 3 molds in your cart.