Mama & Baby Penguin Vacuum Form Molds
Mama & Baby Penguin Vacuum Form Molds
Mama & Baby Penguin Vacuum Form Molds

Mama & Baby Penguin Vacuum Form Molds

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We use LDPE for the production of our vacuum molds.  In addition to having no moisture absorption, LDPE meets food handling guidelines making it ideal for manufacturing various containers, bottles, bags and certain laboratory equipment. LDPE is stress relieved and has a “natural” color.

Please note that temps higher than 180 degrees could cause the molds to deform.  Prolonged exposure to sunlight could cause stress cracking to occur.  Please note that these molds are made of a flexible plastic.  Scratching can occur. Please use non-abrasive cleaners. Do not clean in dishwasher, please hand wash.

To make the details appear, please pack in the details before filling the rest of the mold. 


We do not accept returns. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us. 


We do not offer refunds.  If a product was faulty or broken/damaged in shipping, please contact us and we will immediately ship you a replacement product. 

We understand that sometimes an item may not work for you, however, we cannot refund these items.  Once a product has been used, we can no longer re-sell it, we would have to throw away a returned product. 

In order to receive a replacement of your damaged product, we need a picture from you of the damaged box from the carrier as well as a picture of the damaged product.  

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