Collection: Hybrids

A cross between a 3D mold and a vacuum.  These are one piece 3D molds that are a like a hard shell vacuum mold.  Hybrids still allow 3D dimensional bath bombs, like our 3 piece 3D molds. 

BTM YYC has one of the largest collections of molds, and if you have your favorite 3 piece mold or vacuum mold and you would like it converted to a hybrid, pop us a note, and we will happily help you.  

Whatever kind of mold you are looking for, we are here to help!  We have cute molds, scary molds, holiday molds or even for special occasions, we have you covered with our 100's of designs. 


Here at BTM YYC we do custom molds, special requests and more.  Send us a note and we will help you turn your imagination into a mold.